Philip Holcomb - Elder/Pastor


I was born and raised in East Africa in an environment with parents who deeply love Jesus and have committed their lives to following Him.  My own journey included many detours, but I can see each step having an important part in shaping and guiding me to a longing for, and embracing of, life that is only found in and through Jesus.  A significant part of my story includes a season of intentional discipleship where a pastor took time to walk with me in what it means to be devoted to God. 

I am married to Rea who is my partner in life and ministry.  We are thankful to have two daughters named Maiya and Carina. 

My focus here at EFC is on discipleship with a desire to help shape and guide our church community to understand that being a Christian requires a life-long commitment to following and learning from Jesus (discipleship).  This focus includes membership, Missional Communities (our version of small groups), preaching, and discipleship relationships.

The church is both local and global.  I am passionate about diverse communities of people bound together by Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit on mission.  The possibility and reality of this excites and encourages me because it manifests the gospel in such a beautiful way.  I absolutely love hearing stories from people in this church of what God has and continues to do to bring life and hope around the world.